Why Invest In Reputation Management Services Before Summertime?

Summer is finally approaching and it’s obvious that everyone is excited. This summer is particularly special because places are beginning to open again. We are finally seeing the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel! People are eager to get out, visit family, go to the beach, take a day trip, book a hotel, or perhaps try new a restaurant, which means that everyone will be looking for reviews. Most often before trying a new place many will look it up on Google or Yelp and see how previous customers reacted to the business. Therefore, it’s very important, now more than ever, to make sure you have reviews on several different platforms. These reviews should be positive, and current. As a business owner, you should be keeping track of your reviews and encouraging new customers to publish reviews for you. This can all be done easily through reputation management.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is a tool used to streamline review data while seeking out new reviews. The Aronson Hecht Agency offers reputation management services in addition to our many diverse offerings. Our service provides a dashboard that includes review statistics, with information on how they impact your SEO. The dashboard also allows you to respond to reviews and analyze reviews of your top competitors all from one central location. The dashboard will share data that can help you to improve what potential customers are looking for in a business. Additionally, we add a piece of software that publishes your top reviews in real-time so if you get a new, stellar review, it’s published to your website immediately.

How it Works

After a customer purchases a product and or service, you input the customer’s name, phone number, and email address on the dashboard. The customer will then receive an automated email and text message that thanks them for choosing your business and expresses how appreciative you would be if they left you a review. This is message is set up as a template made ahead of time (or we can create this for you if we become your reputation management company).

This communication which is sent to the customer will have a prompt with a thumbs up and a thumbs down. If the customer chooses thumbs up, it will take them to a landing page where they can click one of several review sites to write their review. However, if they chose thumbs down, this takes them to a separate page where they explain their feedback in a message to you. A lot of times when people are upset with an experience, they just want to express themselves. If the consumer is provided with an option to share their feelings in a private message, they will be less apt to share their dismay on Yelp or Google. So, why does this matter? Negative reviews are sent to you via direct message. You will be notified on your dashboard and can respond accordingly. This so-called interception allows for you to possibly prevent a bad review that would be published all over the internet for potential customers to see! Lastly, if the customer does not leave a review, you can create a template for a reminder message to be sent out the next day.

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Why You Should Invest Before Summertime?

As stated previously, Businesses of all kinds are opening up often, which means people will be shopping and eating out more often. Parents will be looking for new summer activities to engage their kids, families, and friends. Since there will be an increase in folks trying new activities, there will no doubt be an increase in searching for new places to go. With this increase in Website people, good reviews are going to bring you more business. Even just one bad review can ruin all that summer traffic. detrimental, especially for places like restaurants or services that are weather dependent, such as landscaping.


So, what should you do now?

A good start is to analyze all your review sites. How many review platforms do you have a profile with? Is it enough? Perhaps start with Google and Facebook reviews. They are two of the most popular places to search/leave reviews. Yelp is also a very strong review platform that many people visit so, that might be a good one to be a part of as well. you should consider if there are review websites that are specific to your industry, such as Lawyers.com or Better Business Bureau. Our reputation management services provide over 85 review platforms to view on the dashboard.

Always check your reviews. 

Make sure you respond to them, especially the negative ones! If you don’t reply to a negative review, it does not reflect well on your business; so even if it’s an old review, please reply! After you have organized your reviews, a smart idea is to implement reputation management services. By doing so, you can continually keep track of your reviews while acquiring new ones. Asking a customer to leave a review is not enough. Even if they honestly want to share a review, they can often get distracted and forget. Having an email/text sent to them takes them right to a review page which makes them more likely to leave one.

Need Help?

No need to be overwhelmed. We can help! Reputation management is a very affordable service. We implement and set up everything for you. We even walk you through the dashboard in a tutorial and are always available to answer any questions.

Remember, your reputation is everything! For more information, give us a call!