Why eBooks are Great Content Marketing Tools

When it comes to promoting a business, eBook Marketing is a bit of a dark horse. Although many people view eBooks as a tool to download novels to read on vacation, they are actually much more than that. An eBook, or electronic book, uses a digital type of publication to view larger forms of content in the appearance of a book. eBooks can be viewed on devices such as Nooks and Kindles, as well as desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. With eBook marketing, you can share content and allow potential customers to view you differently. However, before we dive into the benefits, we should first explain how to create an eBook.

How to Create an eBook

The first step in creating eBook content is to find the best format of which to publish. It doesn’t really matter but you can choose epub, Mobi, PDF, HTML, and several others. Choose something that is convenient but also has what you need. For example, if your eBook will contain video elements, then you cannot use PDF, as it does not have those capabilities. HTML is probably the best way to go for most users because it supports multimedia, it’s interactive, mobile-friendly, and can incorporate search engine optimization (SEO).

After you have decided how to upload your publication, you can add some design elements. This can include branding features and some interactive ways to engage your audience. This is also where you can include lead capture forms. When setting up a lead, it is important to choose the best information to acquire based on your target audience and what your goals and objectives are. Some common information to collect for leads are email addresses and phone numbers. Once you have completed the content, design, and lead forms, you will receive a link. It would be very beneficial to share this with your customers/clients or any potential viewers. After publishing, you can track activity. You can see the activity of the viewer and what pages they have read. You can even see how much time they have spent on each page.

What Makes a Great Marketing eBook?

There are several tips for eBook marketing, especially when it comes to standing out. One of the main components to be mindful of is that you want your content to connect with your audience. You can do this by researching key interests, demographics, and social analytics. From there, you can then begin to find a topic that would coincide with the data you have researched. If you are unsure of what to write about, you can always search the top-selling books on Amazon to see what’s currently trending. Be sure to check the reviews to see what former readers liked/didn’t like about the trending books, which can also help you choose a topic.

As far as length, it’s really up to you. You can make it whatever length you prefer, but a B2B eBook tends to be about 2,500 words, so centering your content around that length is a good start if you are unsure. Another important tip is to research the different types of software to publish the eBook with. You want something easy to use but also design-friendly. Make sure it has a nice variety of templates that could apply to the kind of content you write. Lastly, try to add calls to action to your eBook. Getting the reader to your landing page or giving them the option to contact you is always a great way to gain new clients.

Young Man Holding Ereader And Reading Ebook

How to Promote Your eBook

The best way to ensure results from your eBook marketing campaign is by promoting it. Let your customers know that you have published information that can be of value to them. You can do this by first embedding the link to your eBook onto your website. That way, it can be easily accessible and available for all of your website viewers to find and read. This can be done with just a simple code that is embedded in the backend of the site.

Another great tip is to send an email blast. Using tools like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, you can create a visually pleasing, eye-catching email, alerting and promoting customers about your publication. You can put the first paragraph, or even just a couple of sentences in the email with a “learn more” button which will take the viewer to your eBook. Posting about the eBook and the information it contains on social media is also very beneficial. It is a simple and great way to give viewers an even greater opportunity to check out the content you have published.

Why You Should Invest in eBook Marketing

eBook marketing is yet another great way to get your content out to the viewer. It draws both interest and engagement to the target audience. In addition, it is also good for businesses to provide free content, meaning that businesses are trust banks. By giving potential customers free resources and tips, they are more inclined to trust you and want to work with you and your business. You can always include a lead form or some sort of call-to-action at the end for the interested customers, but providing useful information for your target audience will warm them up to you and make them interested in what else you have to offer.

Overwhelming? We can Help

With experienced professionals in both Digital and Content Marketing, we can get the job done right. eBook marketing takes time, which can be difficult to include within your daily duties of running a business. We can set up a call with you and take a deep dive into your campaign goals. We learn about who you are, what you are looking to accomplish, and your target audience. We then use this info and pull together the data discussed earlier. We can create an eBook that is professionally written to your liking and give it a design that is both captivating and true to your brand. We can also track the data and give you updates, removing all the hassle and work on your part. If you are interested in our assistance with eBook Marketing, please contact us today.