Who Is Domain Listings?

Misleading Markerters Are Everywhere

Web design is a big part of our business, and as a result of managing over 300 sites we get this question almost every day. Who is Domain Listings? Should I pay this bill? These questions come from clients that are alert enough to ask, unfortunately not all do. If you own a domain name it is likely that you have received one of these "invoices." It looks like your annual renewal. They know your name, address, domain name, expiration date etc. and it looks legitimate. This IS NOT to renew your domain! The service they claim to provide is to list your domain name on various sites, presumably to help with your site’s ranking on Google. Even if they performed the service, it would likely do more harm than good. Keep in mind that in a majority of cases, your domain name registration renewals will not come in the mail. If you get any paper invoice regarding your hosting or domain name, be very suspicious.

There are other firms like Domain Registry and iDNS that are misleading people too. They send an invoice and if you pay it, they will take control ans the registrar for your domain name. This means that if you purchased from GoDaddy (our favorite) or Network Solution (our least favorite) it will be moved from them to iDNS. Not only do they have insane prices, it is difficult and costly to fix the mistake. AS you can see by the image of the Domain Registry "Invoice" to the right, even we get these letters.

They are charging $50 for a year registration, you should never pay more than $19.95. There are added services you can by, like domain name privacy, which will allow you to avoid these letters, and that is about $10 a year and worthwhile.

We are happy to answer questions about this, just give us a call.

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