Lead Generation has been proven to be one of the most beneficial marketing tactics that can help build lasting relationships with clients. One way to seek out leads is through call tracking, which is a way to monitor in-bound calls and determine their source. This is a great metric because a business can determine what led the customer to call them. But why is determining how they got to you so important?

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Let’s break it down. Say you are a business that is currently investing in a Google Ad Campaign and a Facebook Ad campaign. Your budget is tight, and you don’t want to keep spending it on unsuccessful campaigns; therefore, you are considering dropping one. Based on your current data (i.e., clicks, impressions, reach, etc.), the campaigns seem to be doing relatively well and comparably successful to one another. So how do you choose which one to keep? Now let’s say you have call tracking. In one month, you get six calls from the Facebook Campaign and none from the Google Campaign. Then your decision becomes much more straightforward. Or maybe the call tracking detects ten leads from the Facebook Ads and three from the Google Ads. At this point, you might want to keep both campaigns but lower your budget on the Google Campaign and raise it on the Facebook Campaign.

Advertising is a key factor in a business’s success. However, in our fast-paced, technologically evolving world, it is crucial to ensure that the advertising is yielding results. By giving each one of your campaigns a unique call tracking number, you can easily estimate your ROI on each advertising method, as well as the efficiency and overall success of each channel and platform.

How it works


Call tracking based on DNI or dynamic number insertion. This DNI code is uploaded onto a website and replaces the phone number on the site with the unique trackable phone number. DNI allows you to see the duration of the call, if the call was dropped, the source of the call, the phone number of the caller, their location, and whether or not the call was answered. Additionally, you can even listen to a recording of the call itself! When a person clicks on the site, they still see the original number, but once they call it, the DNI code will actually call the trackable number. All of the data about their activity and how they got to that call is now trackable and at your fingertips.

However, this software isn’t only applicable to digital marketing. Offline techniques can still use call tracking as a valuable method. If you are advertising on radio or television, you can assign different numbers to each platform. It won’t be coded as it is on the website, but it works just as efficiently, especially if your consumer is more likely to see an offline ad, write down the number, and call later. Just make sure that there is a different tracking number for each platform.

What Does Call Tracking Benefit?

Call Tracking greatly benefits many commonly used marketing services, like search engine optimization (SEO). One of the ways it helps with SEO is by enhancing a website’s landing pages. The data helps determine which keywords will result in a conversion from a landing page. If you decide to a/b test on top of this, that will yield even more outstanding results. It also helps optimize a website’s top-performing conversing pages. With call tracking, the conversion would be when the viewer gets to a webpage and decides to utilize that number on the page and make the call. Getting these pages optimized is essential; however, it is also important to continually optimize your top converting pages. Remember, call tracking shows us that there is a much more incredible consumer journey than the final conversion. Optimizing landing pages along the way will get the viewer to the conversion.

Search Engine Optimization is one of, if not the most essential, form of digital marketing. Getting your site to the top of a Google Search and utilizing keywords that will help you rank and get people to your website is vital to a business’s longevity. Call tracking and SEO go hand-in-hand. Using them together will only benefit your marketing efforts.

How do I know Where to Utilize Call Tracking?

Although it greatly benefits Search Engine Optimization, call tracking increases results in more than just your SEO. Call tracking will help all of your Paid Social, SEO, and PPC campaigns, so it is best to use it as often as you can. This can be difficult, especially for a business that has multiple promotional/digital marketing efforts at once. However, it is best to use it on as many campaigns as you can to compare the data and see which campaign is generating the most leads. As previously stated, all of your campaigns might not be successful. In fact, there is an excellent chance that all the campaigns will vastly differ in how successful they are. Therefore, it might be worth it to utilize more of your budget on the most successful campaigns instead. However, none of this can be done without call tracking data to compare what is working and what is not.

Call tracking software has evolved greatly over the years; however, it was used in advertising and marketing for quite some time. A concept as simple as a tracking phone number can unlock massive amounts of data that can change the course of your campaign completely. Gaining a lead from a call is very valuable. A customer clicking on a landing page is good. Still, a customer who stops what they are doing to pick up the phone and call your business is a solid lead because they are clearly very interested and have a great chance of purchasing your products or services. Overall, call tracking should always be utilized. It’s an inexpensive and great way to improve your digital marketing efforts.