Reduce Your Google Ad Cost And Rank Higher

Why SEO and Google Ads Should Be Handled

There is an urban legend out that that with Paid Search, like Google Advertisements, that the highest bidder gets the top positions. Although the paid search placement is done on an auction basis, the algorithm is sophisticated enough that when done right, you can pay less and rank higher than others.

There are three criteria that are considered by Google to create a quality score for your ad. The quality score is based on; the relevance of the ad to the landing page, the landing page experience, and content, and the expected clickthrough rate. Like we have discussed previously, the intent of the person searching is what Google is looking for. They want to make sure that the searcher gets the best possible results based on their query.

Google uses the keywords put into the search bar and how closely they match the keywords you are bidding on. They then look at your ad and how well your keywords are aligned to your ad. Finally, they look at the landing page that is associated with that ad and how well that matches. Based on how well integrated these items are, the better the score Google assigns to your ad using a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). The expected click-through rate is estimated by Google based on their historical experience. This basically is an estimate of how likely they believe your ad will be clicked on. Remember they want more clicks while delivering relevant content to the searcher.

Now with the analysis being done, they look at your ad format (are you providing additional information with the ad using the Google format?). This is where they rank your ad. This is crucial. Your competitor may bid $3 per click for an ad targeted at the same customer you are trying to reach. You could have a higher ranking with an ad you bid $2 per click because the Google algorithm has determined that your ad is more relevant based on the user’s search.

With this information and your ad format (does your ad provide additional relevant information using the Google format), Google will calculate your ad rank. If a person bids $2 but has a higher ad rank than a person who bids $3, the $2 bid will win because Google feels it will be the better match for the search.

Careful consideration of the keywords you are bidding on can lower your costs. They need to be well used in your ad headline, ad description, and your landing page.  Google likes well-written, easy-to-navigate landing pages that are clear about what your business is offering.

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Google has one goal: show a user exactly what they are looking for, providing them with a good experience so they keep coming back to Google. Even though they make money from the advertisers, they still view the searcher as their customer. Provide an easy-to-use tool and provide accurate results. This is what made them the king of the internet.

We have always made SEO the minimum for making sure your site is found. This is critical to any long-term marketing strategy. We know that organic search, which is driven by SEO, drives the vast majority of total Internet traffic, and that is the highest quality traffic. You will significantly limit the traffic to your site by ignoring organic search results. As we have explained keywords are integral to your Paid Search results as well.

Success is really about making Google happy by providing ads and landing pages that completely answer questions searchers have about your product or service. They will reward you with a lower cost per click and a higher rank with your ads, giving you more for your money.

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