Old School vs. New School

I’ve been called “Old School” before and that’s ok. I happen to have a few gray hairs but, at least I still have hair! Believe it or not, this is my first BLOG; that said, I’m feeling somewhat embarrassed, excited, empowered, and emboldened all at the same time. Yes, Phillip Aronson, Mr. Emotional, Mr. Anti Tech, is finally diving head first into the rapidly changing world of Digital Marketing, Web Design, SMM and SEO. Why? Because, I’ve joined Clikz Digital; a web design and internet marketing firm In Little Falls, New Jersey.

Those of you who know me well are probably scratching their heads with their jaws dropped in amazement; feeling dizzy, faint, perhaps they have fallen off their chairs, or are in total disbelief! Yes, my friends, I am on my way to becoming the “ClikzMeister!” What I find so incredibly exciting about my new position at Clikz Digital is that I get to work with my millennium counter parts. I must say, we are learning a great deal from one other. I’ve rejected the art and design world from a technology standpoint for about a decade or more. What I mean is I still sketch, comp typography and use an Xató knife. Yet, I do not know how to design on the computer. That puts me miles behind the eight ball from the digital /technology end of the business. However, the wisdom and communication tools I’ve learned throughout my education, previous occupations, and life experiences are invaluable. I would humbly say, I’m an Idea and conceptual Guru. I pride myself on the ability to creatively communicate a concept to a target audience. What I find constantly changing are the many ways to deliver these ideas/concepts to that audience. So, did I feel a little insecure on the first day in my new digital digs? Yes, perhaps a little; well, maybe a lot more than a little…LOL. Here I am, coming into an internet marketing firm and some of my responsibilities would include overseeing creative design/communications and all visual aspects related to our brand, and our client’s brands. Quite to the contrary, I found my first few days were such a positive experience. Why? Because I have learned and I’m still learning through my personal journey to embrace change. Working with associates half my age? What could I possibly teach them?”…everything! What could they possibly teach me… everything!

I believe the key to any successful working relationship is to embrace our differences.

This not only holds true in an office environment, but in my opinion, it is most relevant for navigating through a healthy well-balanced life. To pull from each other’s age, ethnic cultures, religious beliefs, socioeconomic and life experiences creates a cohesive spicy synergy that is peppered with talent and the unique personalities of every team member. On that note, I look forward to writing my 2nd Blog/article… whatever you New Schoolers want to call it. I’m signing off to Join Face Book. That’s correct my fellow Old Schoolers/New Schoolers I’m going to have an FB account! Until my next blog this is “Old School Phil” from Clikz Digital…Peace and light! I’m a firm believer when everyone is screaming…I whisper. E-mail communication is awesome