Location-Based Advertising Made Easy


Geofencing is when we create a geographic area that will target mobile users (that have location services turned on). When these users enter the targeted area, they are pinged and eligible to be served an ad. This helps reach customers of competitors and new clients who are looking for a product or service like yours.

You can digitally set up target zones throughout our geofencing map, marking competitor locations, popular destinations, tradeshows, and wherever else consumers may be visiting. By drawing a digital fence around their building, you’ll be able to target mobile devices that enter the designated area.

The audience is collected by our technology, and they will be served display ads while in the geofenced area and for up to 30-days after leaving the geofenced area. This changes the marking from having to find new customers to having them come to you.

Local Ads for Small Business

If you have a small, local restaurant or store, it may not make sense to spread your advertising all over the city. We can target your ads to people who are located close enough to buy from you. We can show special offers or walk-in specials to people within walking distance.

Combine with Audiences & Demographics

With aha! you can combine your geotargeting campaign with other targeting types, such as demographics or a custom audience. Want to limit your ads to men over 45? We can do that. Want to target a specific location like a tradeshow? We have you covered. Have a customer list that you want to target with a special to bring them back in when they are in the area - we can do that too!

We can target demographics like age, gender, household income, education, and even marital status. We can incorporate interests like baseball fans, mutual fund investors, rock music fans, dog owners, and travel enthusiasts. These are just a few examples, as there are hundreds of data points we can target.

Competitor Targeting

We can also set up geotargeting to deliver ads to people while they are shopping with your competitors. Someone at a competitor’s store or showroom seeing a special offer from you can be a powerful incentive for them to visit you.

Event Targeting

You can use the aha! geotargeting to target people while they’re at a particular event. Have a booth at a trade show? We can target the attendees. In fact, even if you do not have a booth, we can still target them.

B2B Marketing

Working a deal with a large company? Use our program to deliver a specific ad to those at their headquarters, building your reputation and brand recognition. If you have a number of key companies on your hot list, we can target them all.

Target Big or Small

Through the aha! location-based targeting, you can target your ads to a single building, multiple locations, specific neighborhoods, or even an entire state – we make it easy for you.