What is a “Google Marketing Slap?”

Bottom line it’s a “slap” that reduces your ROI and that hurts!

Thriving in our world’s marketing maze is a science and art form.
It’s very important to be able to dodge, weave and put up your guard; especially when there is so much completion in the market place.
Losing prospective customers should never be part of one’s marketing plan.

Here’s what happens…

1) A prospective client enters your marketing funnel.

2) They view your video sales pitch.

3) They hear your messaging points

4) They pause; stop watching your video and search Google where they are able to use the information you shared with them to obtain a less expensive version of your product/products and or services.

5) You lose sales and potential recurring clients

If your marketing messages are not concise and laser focused to prevent potential customers from viewing your product/products and or services as a generic, commoditized solution, you are surviving not thriving!


Suppose you're marketing and selling a vitamin/supplement.

You have strong branding; a meaningful and memorable name, logo and website; great feedback, testimonials and case studies. However, during your marketing/communication and messaging you tell prospects the reason why your vitamin is so popular and effective is it contains Phytosterol (a class of steroids derived from plants which can reduce cholesterol) which can be found in over 200 different plants in a variety of different forms.

At first, this may not seem like a big deal.

However, Let’s face it, you are communicating how your vitamin helps to reduce cholesterol to aid your prospects in reducing their cholesterol levels…RIGHT?

Right… but, WRONG!

Because your marketing message communicates to your prospective consumers about an important ingredient which can be found in other plants and products you gave them a tool to look elsewhere… Now there is nothing different, or unique about your Vitamin;
SLAP! OUCH! … Google Marketing Slap!

Your prospects leave your site and search Google, for Phytosterol.

What comes up? Hundreds of other vitamin options that can be purchased for less money.

Hence, you MUST be certain your marketing NEVER positions your product/products or services as generic, commoditized solutions.

Rather, your marketing messages should present your prospects with a “proprietary solution”.
Offer them something unique, special, exclusive and different.