If Your Website is Outdated, Then It’s Hurting You

A website is where the majority of your customers will view your business for the first time. Therefore, it’s important to have a website that is a good representation of your brand. You wouldn’t want an employee who angers and frustrates customers, making their in-store experience worse. Well, a website is like an around-the-clock employee. It can make customers have a pleasant experience or an awful one, depending on its functionality and style. People will decide in seconds whether or not they want to stay on a website, so you must make it count. It is imperative that your site is eye-catching and that the necessary information can be found easily. If views don’t like what they see, they will go to your competitor, and you will have lost that business.

An outdated website is an anchor to your business. Many times, our clients will say “I know it’s bad. We’ve got to fix that soon, just not right away” or “It’s bad but I don’t think a lot of our customers visit our website, so it doesn’t matter.” These two misconceptions are harming businesses. Understandably, it’s not always in the budget to redesign a website. However, if your website is outdated, you are probably losing money because of it, especially if you are advertising on Google, YouTube, or Facebook. There’s no point in having a great ad if it’s going to send people to a bad website. Additionally, your current customers might not


be using your website but you still need a good one to attract new customers. You could substantially grow your business if you made changes to your website and by choosing not to you're closing off a massive opportunity.

Here are several other reasons why outdated websites need to be changed:

  1. It looks like you are out of business: When a customer finds a really old website, the first thing that runs through their mind is “What happened? Are they still in business?” When all your competitors' websites look like they were made in 2021 and yours looks like it was made in 2001, you know that there’s an issue. It’s like driving by a really old restaurant that has the lights off and the chairs stacked in the corner. You don’t want to go in (for several reasons I’m sure) because you have a feeling that if you pull on that door it’s going to be locked. There will probably be a notice taped to the door saying it's been shut down for quite some time. So, you don’t waste your time and you drive somewhere else. That’s exactly what happens when someone sees an old website.


  1. Potential Customers will run to the competition: As soon as a viewer sees an old site that takes forever, they’ll leave. They won’t want to spend the time squinting at tiny fonts and searching through random tabs to find poor pictures of products. A website in bad condition hands potential customers to competitors on a silver platter.


  1. It looks like you don’t care: As a business, you always want to assist the customer in any way you can. Having an out-of-touch website makes it seem like you couldn’t care less if they struggle. Customers get annoyed and immediately leave the website.


  1. It harms your credibility: You can have the most experience and talent out of all your competitors, but if your website does not reflect that people will never know. Your competitors can be the worst in the business but if they have a stylish and navigable site, people will do business there. It is hard to imagine how frustrating that must be! Bump up your website and add some awards or 5-star reviews to your homepage to show customers that you are the best. Make them intrigued to learn more about you. Once they are interested in your website, they’ll be more receptive to see if you are the best fit for them.


  1. You don’t look like you’re up to date with the latest trends in technology: It is hard for a customer to believe that you offer cutting-edge technology when your website is a decade old. It’s hard to believe that your business offers a speedy delivery when your website takes forever to load. You want to show that you are keeping up with the latest technological trends, which is difficult to do when the first thing your potential customer sees is an out-of-touch website.


  1. The competition will look much better than it should: You’re making it easier on your competitors by having a poorly functioning site. Now, if their site is not great but decent, it’s going to look way better than yours. Improve your site so you can be the one that customers visit after having a bad experience on a competitor’s website.


  1. It’s Embarrassing: You never want to apologize to customers about your website. You should never feel embarrassed when sending someone a link to your site. You should be proud of it! It is said that it’s hard for customers to have faith in your business if you yourself are lacking faith in it. Well, considering your website is such a major element to the business, that same school of thought is applicable here as well. It’s like showing up to an interview for your dream job in sweatpants. Make a good impression by having a site that you want to show to as many people as possible.


  1. It’s not good for employees or customer service: You might not be embarrassed about your website, but if your employees are that’s an issue. You want them to be just as proud of the site as you are. As stated above, it’s hard to represent something if you are not proud of it. Leaving former employees on the website and not updating it with new employees can be disheartening and make them feel underappreciated. Additionally, leaving old promotions, or expired coupons on the website can make customers upset. Plus, it can lead to a customer service nightmare.


  1. The quality of your products/services is put into question: The customer's perception will be swayed against you if they see a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated. If they can’t find ways to contact you or find much information about your products or services, they will not feel confident putting their money towards your business. They might not think that you have enough staff to produce top-quality items if they can’t keep the website up to date.


  1. It harms your Google Ranking: As you can tell from our numerous blogs on SEO and the importance of being seen as an authority in Google’s eyes, you know how important this one is. Google is constantly making changes and updating. It wants to see that you are a credible website and not having a mobile-friendly site and/or not updating it will severely lower your Google Ranking.

As you can see, an outdated website is money down the drain and a major boost to your competitors. Users need something that is accessible and mobile-friendly and will look elsewhere if they are not pleased. If your website needs a boost, we are here to help! We can make it stylish, accessible, mobile-friendly, and something true to your brand. We want your feedback on what you like so we can make it happen! If you are unsure if your website needs a refresh, see if it has any of the following issues: hard to read fonts/font colors, loud tacky colors that are too bright, page clutter, misaligned images, inconsistencies with fonts/colors/themes, excessive image borders,


keyword stuffing, low word count, long paragraphs that are not broken up with headings, outdated images of products, broken links, blurry or pixelated images, and blinking text or images.

At the very least, post blogs regularly and make sure that your content matches your business currently. Verify that your contact information is up to date, all employees listed are current (if you list employees), and that you didn’t leave any new members out. Advertise current promotions but be sure to exclude expired ones and add any awards and positive reviews that you have. These adjustments will help, however, if you are still unhappy with your current site, then it’s probably time to update it.