Dainius Jaras

Creative Director

Dainius Jaras

A passionate Creative Director with over 25 years of agency experience, bringing conceptual thinking, creative vision, communication, branding, and collaboration with cross-functional teams from various levels and disciplines including marketers, product managers, scientists and senior stakeholders.

“My sweet spot is where science and creativity meet”.

After more than a decade at major New York agencies, working with legendary admen like George Lois, Dainius set his sights on the health care industry, bringing his creative insights learned on the consumer side of the agency business to the world of pharmaceuticals. Dainius has led the creative launch and on-going development for many pharmaceutical brands including TEVA women’s health. He also co-led the successful launch of designated high science breakthrough drugs from Vertex, for the treatment of cystic fibrosis in patients with specific mutations. Dainius has that rare ability to bring out the best in his staff while at the same time ensuring that all projects are up to his high standards of quality and creativity. His creative leadership encompasses multiple blockbusters including, Norvasc, Claritin, Avandia, Nexavar, Revlimid, Xalatan, Xalacom. His launch experience includes Kalydeco, Orkambi, Yasmin, Clarinex, Revatio, Asmanex, Seasonale, and Seasonique. No strategic or creative challenge that comes to him leaves without being solved. When he’s not cooking up a sizzling campaign, he’s in the kitchen teaching culinary classes as an instructional chef.