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One super creative family.

Our first presentation in 1967 Together

In 1967 at the age of four, Jeff and Phil were presenting their creative ideas and continue to do so today.

Sure our mothers dressed us funny; everyone's did. Naturally, we had a bit more hair back then. But the teamwork and creativity were there even at that young age.

Let us show you what decades of experience can do for your business.

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Founded in 2012

Our Story

Aronson Hecht Agency is a design, internet marketing company; building brands across many platforms with their primary focus and strength being web design and digital marketing.

Having worked for such clients as Anheuser Busch, Chase Bank, Häagen-Daz, and Titleist, to name a few, Jeff Hecht, President and CEO, and his partner, Phillip Aronson, Chief Visual Officer, have been building brands for organizations here in the United States and abroad; from local, small businesses all the way up to major international enterprises.

The aha! team is continually growing and we are proud to call Wayne, NJ our home. Our staff includes creative designers, database administration personnel, as well as experts in copywriting, reputation management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and marketing. Though we initially specialized in website design and development, we are now a full-service digital advertising agency offering creative marketing solutions to our diverse group of clients. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail! Or, if you prefer, feel free to stop by and visit…fresh coffee is always available!

Our Logo

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it all started in 1984

A good logo is simple, appropriate, practical, communicative, and evergreen. 
In 1984, Arthur L. Hecht had an aha! moment when he founded and created Arthur Hecht Associates and the aha! brand. In 2012, Jeff Hecht, Arthur's son, founded his own advertising and marketing agency, now known as Aronson Hecht Agency. 

In 2019, we brought back that aha! moment in Arthur's memory with our branding and use his original logo for our new company, Aronson Hecht Agency. We continue his legacy of fine graphic design/advertising and communication in everything we do here at Aronson Hecht Agency.

Our Lead Team Members

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Christina Davis

Christina joined is in mid 2019 and has become an integral part of the team. She heads our SEO and PPC as the liaison between the client and the teams. She also manages and runs client Social Media platforms. Christina is Blueprint Certified by Facebook as a Digital Marketing Associate. A true creative at heart, she loves what she does, especially working with great clients.

“I get to work with an extremely accomplished and experienced people all with a unique mix of talent and we get to tackle some fantastic projects together.”
02 / 08
Luke Barnell

Luke is a talented and passionate graphic designer.

“Luke is trying to come up with something say here ."
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Chetan Maadan

Chetan is a full stack developer with over 15 years of development in a variety of languages and platforms. He heads our development team of for websites and apps.

“Being a member of such a talented team is constantly inspiring. We each bring our passion to every job we take to provide the best possible result for our clients."
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Dainius Jaras

A passionate Creative Director with over 25 years of agency experience, bringing conceptual thinking, creative vision, communication, branding, and collaboration with cross-functional teams from various levels and disciplines including marketers, product managers, scientists and senior stakeholders.

“My sweet spot is where science and creativity meet”.
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Chris Schoedel

Chris has been aboard since 2013. His experience in shooting and editing fro major television programs, commercials, film and more makes him a great part of the team.

“I love working with clients that see what video can do for them and allow me to create for them a video that resounds with their customers .”
05 / 08
James Demas

James has worked as a copywriter for his entire career. He started out of school working for Arthur Hecht, Jeff's father, when he graduated high school. He has done work for a number of companies in the direct mail and marketing arena.

“What makes a good company enjoyable? Working with enthusiastic members of well-curated team of engaging characters.”
06 / 08
Gregory Goins

Greg has been involved with SEO for the last 8 years, and now has brought his skills to the aha! team. Greg has done some amazing work for our clients.

“I love what I do, and now have a place that I believe will allow me to do more for our clients than we have ever done.”
07 / 08
Jane Clay

Jane heads our PPC team. She brings with her 7 years of experience in working on large and small campaigns.

“My favorite thing about what I do is the thrill when a client shares the level of success they have had as a direct result of our work. I get a great sens of accomplishment..”
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